Who Cares?

I recently read a news story that some celebrities may be giving to the Tsumani relief funds to advance their fame, rather than out of a desire to help. Is the reason they donate all that important? Tsunami victims get money, so why does it matter? Next thing they’ll be complaining about people who gave old money that was wrinkled instead of crisp new bills.

Get a life people.

Beware the Blog of Doom!

A fitting start to a blog, because today I’m sick with a cold my son brought home from school. I started feeling it yesterday and it really hit me last night. Now I’m just moping around feeling sick and generally icky. My son isn’t feeling well either, but he’s still full of energy and raring to go.

He has tomorrow off, although I don’t. I’ll probably take it off anyway if I still feel sick, but I suspect I’ll be going in to work. I have a possible meeting with someone about a job today. He’s flying in from Corporate HQ this week and wants to talk to me.

That makes a total of three jobs I’m being considered for. Two are internal and one is from another company that contacted me. Not bad. It’s nice to be in demand, especially in a relatively obscure discipline.