Editor’s Cut: Wal-Mart Avarice

Editor’s Cut: Wal-Mart Avarice: “Morley Safer takes aim at Wal-Mart.

(Via The Nation Weblogs.)

Brown, who has been nominated to serve on the powerful US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, has condemned the New Deal, which gave the United States Social Security, the minimum wage and fair labor laws. She has expressed doubts about whether age discrimination laws are a good idea. And she has made it clear that she is no fan of affirmative action or other programs designed to help minorities and women overcome centuries of oppression.

So it appears that this is what the Collectivists in the Democratic party consider reprehensible in a judge. Condemning the New Deal, opposition to minimum wage and fair labor laws? They all sound like good ideas to me. I just wonder why the Republicans want this judge in office.

They don’t even understand why the New Deal, minimum wage laws and fair labor laws are wrong. That’s how far gone they are.

The Nation?

Well, it looks like I found the Democratic web site to disagree with. It’s name? The Nation.

It has just what I like in a Democratic blog. Casual references to evil greedy corporations, blatant historical inaccuracies, snarky references that undermine the personal morality of other people and disdain for judges who actually take their duties seriously.

Just trying to be balanced and express my disagreement with Democrats and Republicans alike.

Star Parker

Well, I took some initiative and found a few columns by Star Parker to see what she’s saying. She has some interesting and well thought out articles, but unfortunately, she’s wrong (of course!).

I should mention that the only reason I haven’t said that any of the Democrats are wrong is that I haven’t gotten to them yet. Don’t worry you Collectivist Democratic weenies, you’re next! You should have heard me rant about Clinton when his gang was in charge. I didn’t have a blog at the time, though.

Fear the Blog of Doom, politicians! You are all tax leeches living off the productive class of working Americans. We’re the ones who actually go out and work, create wealth, and make this country great. You just try to figure out ways to spend money that doesn’t even belong to you.


Naptime, I guess.

Cliff Kincaid: Abolish Public TV and Radio

Cliff Kincaid: Abolish Public TV and Radio:

Cliff Kincaid says: In a front-page story on May 2, the New York Times accused the new Republican chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting of ‘aggressively pressing public television to correct what he and other conservatives consider liberal bias…’ That was in the first paragraph. If you got to the 22nd paragraph, continued back on page 19, you found that the CPB chairman, Kenneth Tomlinson, was insisting that the programs it supports and funds adhere to the federal law requiring objectivity and balance. That law was passed back in 1967 and has been flaunted by public TV and radio ever since…

He also says:

What’s needed is a congressional effort to de-fund public broadcasting. In a 500-channel universe, public broadcasting should survive on its own — if it can. I agree.

Read it all here.

(Via Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog.)

What we really need to end is all public funding for all broadcasting of any kind. Abolish the FCC and let the free market decide what goes on the air. Let individuals work out who uses what bandwidth. It’s call homesteading and property rights. It is something that common law and courts can settle through lawsuits. While we’re at it, lets end all public funding for any government function that isn’t mentioned in the Constitution.

House votes to outlaw computer spyware

House votes to outlaw computer spyware

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday voted to
establish new penalties for purveyors of Internet ‘spyware’ that
disables users’ computers and secretly monitors their activities.

By overwhelming majorities, the House passed two bills that stiffen
jail sentences and establish multimillion-dollar fines for those who
use secret surveillance programs to steal credit card numbers, sell
software or commit other crimes.

(Via Privacy Digest.)

I wonder if this applies to government agencies? I’m sure they are allowed to use secret surveillance programs to spy on the productive people without whom they would starve.

Stupidity averted

A quote from one of my favorite blogs, BuzzMachine:

Stupidity averted

: So the filibuster meltdown option is avoided. And a good thing it is. I don’t think the peopel [sic] would have tolerated political war and a congressional shutdown.

(Via BuzzMachine.)

Personally, I don’t think anyone would have noticed a congressional shutdown. I think it’s always a good thing when Congress shuts down, because my life, liberty and property are safe for that small amount of time.

Remember when the government shut down that last time? I vaguely remember it but it didn’t really affect me and I suspect it didn’t really affect anyone else either.

You’re both wrong on Social Security

Another new blog I’ve started reading from a conservative blogger named Amy Ridenour. This particular article is about Social Security. She agrees with someone named Star Parker (who I’ve never heard of), who says:

The simple truth is that the Social Security system needs to be replaced with one in which American workers retain their own money and invest in their own retirement accounts. Our task is to devise a plan to let workers opt for personal accounts. And, in the meantime, we must tap our resources to meet existing obligations to current retirees. That’s it. Clear and simple.

My opinion: Social Security needs to be scrapped.

Update: 5/25/2005:
Wow! Someone actually read my post. I should mention that even though I don’t agree with Ms. Ridenaur on this, I enjoy reading her. We all agree that something should be done. We just don’t agree on what.

I should also expand on why I think Social Security should be scrapped, but the basics are that in my opinion it is nothing but a huge pyramid scheme. If anyone other than a government functionary had proposed it, they would be in jail now for fraud (as always, IMHO).

Finally, when I wrote that You’re both wrong, I meant Democrats and Republicans, not Ms. Ridenaur and Ms. Parker, although you actually are both wrong as well. 😉