Learn the Lingo! How to Speak Warhammer Online

I’ve noticed there is a lot of lingo and abbreviations used on WHOL.

Capping the BO, for example, means right clicking on a battlefield objective to take ownership of it.

I’ve heard all kinds of other sentences uttered, almost entirely using abbreviations and have no clue what was being said. I’m going to have to take a look online for some kind of glossary of terms so I’ll know what the hell people are saying.

Right now I just follow the crowd in the RVR Lakes until we find some people to fight.


Yesterday I found out about Ordinance and what they’re used for. I’ve been picking these things up and keeping them in my inventory since I started, but had no idea what they were for. One of my characters actually threw away a large batch of them, which I now kick myself for doing. Anyway, it turns out they are used to purchase the siege equipment I’m so fond of playing with.

My character (also called toons by some) is now in what’s known as Tier 2, Rank 11-21 roughly, and is gaming in Troll Country and Ostland at this time. Now, what I know about RVR is just about nothing. As I’ve said, I follow everyone else in the warband and start slinging spells at destro (Destruction) outside keeps and anywhere else. Inside a keep, I always go up the stairway to the right and wait for the enemy NPC champions to get pulled out one by one. Right now I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing.

I don’t know why we go to certain keeps or battlefield objectives at certain times, or why Destro does the same. There is some kind of timing and you can earn victory points for the zone you’re in based on a number of things I have no clue about.

Next item of business, figure out how all that works. I wonder if there’s some kind of guide to playing WHOL that I need to find and get. The answer is probably yes and yes.

Warhammer Online

I’ve been playing Warhmmer Online for abit, about to weeks now. I started because of the free trial. Mythic Entertainment had a good idea, IMHO, making a free trial that never exprires, though it has created some problem players, (more on that later). The reason I started was actually because I ordered WOW from Best Buy and it was on backorder, so I started playing Warhammer Online while I waited (I’m still waiting, incidentally).

On the Volkmar server, I started with an elven archer named Sywyn, named after one of my characters on NWN/FRC. I got him up to 10th level (the limit in the free trial), and managed to start three other characters, two elves (Archmage and Swordmaster) and a human Bright Wizard.

I’ve tried both WoW and Everquest II (the free trials), so I have a fair bit of beginners experience in MMORPGs. Regarding gameplay, user interface and mechanics, they seem pretty similar. I think people expect things to work a certain way in any of this type of game and Warhammer delivers on the basics. Of the three, I prefer WoW and Warhammer Online because they are native to Mac. Unfortunately, whenever I wanted to play Everquest, I had to boot to Windows on my Mac. The game played just fine, but if I have to choose, I’m going with one that’s Mac compatible. I understand Warhammer Online only recently made a Mac client, but since I only just started that really doesn’t affect me.

They all have quests, leveling happens in a timely manner, no too fast or too slow. In WHOL I like the storyline, that you start in the middle of a war and are put to work in the war effort. I started a destruction character as well on Badlands server, and you are similarly thrust into the invasion effort.

So far, Order is my favorite side. They seem to be outnumbered and outgunned by Destruction players at my level. It seems (from what I’m hearing) that there are free trial players who have been playing the same character for months and months, and who have incredible equipment which makes them much more powerful than the typical Order character of the same rank (10). I have to say I’ve experienced this, being on the receiving end of incredible amounts of damage from a Squig Herder and only being able to reply with about a third as much damage myself.

Still, that one thing aside, I’m having fun.

What I like –

1. Backstory – Warhammer is a very old franchise and has a rich history with incredible detail. I bought the Warhammer RPG after being aware of the miniatures game from Games Workship, and liking what I’d seen of the background story (this was way back in the late 80s and early 90s, he says, dating himself incredibly). The Warhammer RPG was full of interesting information and backstory, including characters. It was the first game with prestige classes (as far as I know, could be wrong). Your character’s career branched in and out of different classes, such as Witch Hunter, Templar Knight, etc. I was never able to play Warhammer RPG, but I still have the original book.

2. RVR – I like that player vs player fighting is team based. Everything about it encourages you to form Warbands (extended parties) and go take objectives and keeps from the enemy rather than just pointless arena fighting. I’m a little frustrated at the so called “twinks” who seem to be everywhere on the opposing side, but we probably have the same twinks on other servers. I like sieges, the rams and other siege equipment you can operate, dropping oil on the players as they try to batter down your keep door, and all of that. It’s a lot of fun, even though I have no idea what the hell I’m doing at this point. I’m sure I’ll know later.


A very happy birthday to the love of my life.

I know I’m not good at doing birthday stuff, but I love you and hope you have a very happy birthday.

Too Big To Fail?

Too Big To Fail.

I’ve heard this phrase a few times, referring to some banks and auto-makers and I thought it was something of an indicator of a way of thinking. A collectivist, statist mode of thought where organizations are more important than individuals (pretty much the definition of collectivism, anyway).

In my perfect world, no company is too big to fail. No “industry” is too big to fail. Why? Because of a simple law. This is not a law made by governments, because if they had their way, I think they would want to repeal it. The law I’m referring to is, of course, the Law of Supply and Demand. As long as there is a demand, someone will supply it.

Example: A major car maker goes out of business. Almost happened, but government intervention prevented it by making all of the rest of us pay them. Why are they going out of business? They can’t compete. Someone else makes it better, faster, cheaper, with better quality. Or, they are bad managers. They use all their profits to line their pockets with golden parachutes and sweet bonuses even when the company is doing badly. Really, it doesn’t matter. The point is, they should be allowed to go out of business.

Will the demand for cars suddenly drop now that our hypothetical car company goes out of business? No. People will still want cars, and the same number of people will want cars. The demand won’t drop, because there’s no reason for it to drop. So, now you have the same demand, but the supply dropped significantly. What will happen?

Prices will go up? Possibly.

Production by remaining car-makers will go up? Probably. They want a some of that stranded demand.

Ex-employees of the defunct car-maker will start up their own companies? Probably. I think it’s entirely reasonable to think some of these smart engineers and managers will start their own companies and make cars they always wanted to make but couldn’t.

Ex-employees will be hired by the remaining companies to help meet the demand? Probably.

So, what’s happened when we let the company fail? Some people are out of work. Well, 10% of Americans are already out of work. New companies start up, requiring workers. Other car-makers increase production, requiring workers. If I seem callous about job losses, I’m not. I’ve been laid off more than once, so I know what it’s like. I thought it was the end of the world, but it wasn’t. Sometimes I did better than I did before, other times I did worse.

My point is, it won’t be the end of the world. People will still make cars. People will still buy houses. People will still want all the things they’ve always wanted. The difference will be that the ones providing them are now the ones who can deliver better, cheaper, faster, or with higher quality.

Is that so bad?

Hopes Dashed

Hopes dashed. I went to the vet to pick up Tiberius and she brought me in to an exam room to talk about his case. Last night and into today he’s been developing something called FIP. It stands for Feline Infectious Peritonitis, and turns out it is even deadlier than Feline Distemper. He’s going to stay in the hospital over the weekend, and we’ll have the results of blood tests. But, he may not survive until Monday. I was forlorn when I heard this. I went home quickly to give Anne some time to visit.

They close at noon today because of the New Year holiday. I stayed home and tried to keep my mind on other things. I finally broke down and cried when Anne got home. I was so distraught. They will give us daily calls on this status. Anne said he was doing worst now. She gave him one chance in a hundred. We’re now not even sure he’ll make it until Monday. I went back to work but I’m not really able to do anything constructive. I don’t know what to write about now, either.

For now we wait and hope some more.

Good news!!

The last day of the year is today and our good news is that Tiberius can come home today. It’s been a long and tiring road from the emergency animal hospital to here and now. I just got off the phone to our vet’s office and they said he was being cleaned up to go home.

We kept Tiberius at the emergency hospital over the holiday weekend. I told them I wanted to move forward with treating him because even though he was in grave condition and it looked like he wouldn’t survive, I thought he deserved the chance. The hospital began treating him (grudgingly in my opinion). Over the course of that weekend, Anne went to visit him very night. I think her visits had a very positive effect on him.

By Monday morning, he was still alive and I had to pick him up and transfer him to another vet for regular care. The hospital is only for off hours and holidays and weekends. I picked him up and took him over to the Park Mall Animal Clinic. When I was checking Tiberius out I mentioned I was going to take him to the Park Mall Clinic or to Hank’s Animal Hospital. The lady at the desk said that they often sent transfers over to Park Mall, so that’s where I told them to fax the records.

I drove Tiberius to the Park Mall clinic and asked if they accepted CareCredit. The receptionist told me they only took cash or checks, so I had to take Tiberius home to get the checkbook. While I was there, I called Hanks Animal Hospital and found out they took CareCredit. I went back to Park Mall and got my paperwork with apologies and took him right over to Hanks. While he was home briefly, Morgan (of course) opened the carrier and I was really surprised to see Tiberius just walk out on his own. This was when I started to have real hope that he might recover.

Justice and Compassion

When Compassion is Cruel: Justice demands that killers serve out their full sentences – Reason Magazine.

Definitely bears thinking on. My first reaction when I heard this was to think it would be alright to let her out. As always, I try not to take a position that I can’t be dislodged from, and this article did it.