Tired? Yes. Cranky? Yes. Why? 4 a.m. game session.

Playing Neverwinter Nights (the original, better version) on the FRC PW. I’m the head of a player guild and we have some Australian members who never get to join in our semi-regular get togethers in game. So, this time I scheduled it for 4 a.m., which turns out to be a normal time for them. Anyway, I finished my Friday night gaming session around midnight, and had to get up for the 4 a.m. session, which I would never have done without the sadistic very helpful aid of my wife, who made sure I got up in time to get a cup of coffee and log on.

I think I’m still getting over that. It’s not like when I was a kid and staying up all night didn’t affect me at all. I suppose it wasn’t so bad then because I could always just sleep in, whereas these days I never get to sleep in. Ever. No really, never ever do I get to sleep in. Weekdays, weekends, no difference.

It was an interesting experience, but I doubt I’ll be doing it for a while.

Dave Arneson: 1947 – 2009 RIP

DAVE ARNESON 1947- 2009 R.I.P.

David Lance Arneson (Oct 1, 1947 – Apr 7, 2009) was a game player, game designer, and game entrepreneur. He was also a true gentleman and a dear friend. As one of the co-designers of the Dungeons and Dragons game, he started something that is much bigger than all of us. It was not only a new game, but a new KIND of game and it spawned an entire industry. Without Dave, it never would have happened. He taught, lectured, designed games, and started at least three companies. He won several awards, including the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design’s Hall of Fame (Origins) in 1984. In 1984 he married Frankie Ann Morneau and they had one daughter, Malia. In addition to Dungeons & Dragons, games or scenarios he wrote or co-authored include Don’t Give Up The Ship, Blackmoor, Dungeon Master’s Index, First Fantasy Campaign, Adventures in Fantasy, Robert Aspirin’s Thieves World, Citybook II, DNA/DOA, Case of the Pacific Clipper, and more. We are all much better off for his time on earth, but the world is less than it was, with him gone. I never knew him to be rude to a fan, or turn down a friend in need. In fact, I believe his last words to me were “Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.” I wish there was something I could do for you, my friend. Good bye, and may God bless you. — Rick Loomis [From Dave Arneson]

D&D was my first RPG, as it was for most other gamers (though not all). Thank you, Mr. Arneson.

New stuff

Well, it’s been an interesting week or two, for me at least.

A tree in front of our house gave up the ghost in a recent thunder/wind storm. We had some really high winds with this storm, and when I came home for lunch, half of this tree was sitting in my driveway, having been blown off the main tree. The tree was ripped from one main branch down to the ground, exposing the insides of the tree. It was pretty bad, and the arborologist or whatever they’re called said it was a goner, so we had it cut down and the stump ground out. We were considering putting in another tree, but we’ve decided to let it be and do nothing for now.

Apparently Plano has an ordinance about old cars that don’t run. You can’t have them in your driveway out where everyone can see them. My old ’89 Toyota is a case in point, apparently. I admit it doesn’t run. I stopped driving it maybe five or six years ago when it needed brake work. Nothing else is really wrong with it, but it just hasn’t been driven. I’m not sure what it would take to get it running again. Well, probably just fixing the brakes, tune-up, oil change, fluid replacement, air in the tires and getting some gas into it or getting the gas that’s in it to work again. I need to get it fixed or towed and junked, so I have a decision to make. Need to discuss it with Anne.

Also, got my copies of 4th edition D&D, for a steal on Amazon.com. They’re supposed to be around $110 for all three books ($35 each), but the set in a slipcover was on sale for $64 and I decided to get it. I’m going through them now to see what’s different from 3.5e. We’ll see.

That’s about it for now. Today is Thursday, so tomorrow is when we celebrate Independence Day here. We’re planning to go see the fireworks here in town if we can.

OK, I’m addicted to an online game.

I admit it. Actually, it would be hard to hide it. I also promised Ash I would post about it. My online crack of choice is Neverwinter Nights. This game is actually pretty retro. A new version is supposed to be coming out, but I’m not sure if it will be there for Macs at any time.

Buuuut, back on topic. I play Neverwinter Nights. It is an online version of D&D and I just like it. I like the pen and paper roleplaying games, including D&D, and with the online game there are always people online. I play it in the evenings, sometimes until midnight. That’s not too good since I usually have work the next day and I have to get up at 6 a.m. I’ve been somewhat sleep deprived, but that’s how I do games.

Let me explain how I do computer games (I’ll explain boardgames or roleplaying games later). I buy the computer game (on a weekend if I’m lucky). I open the game, install it and start playing it. At 4 a.m. the next morning, I’m still playing it and Ash is smacking me on the head to go to bed. I get up at 6 or 7 a.m. (well, Morgan gets me up). I’m a zombie for the rest of the next day, but if I can, I’m playing the computer game most of that day and really really late that evening. If I have work the next day, I usually get to bed by 1 a.m.

After a while, one of two things happen:

1. I get sick of it. Something about the game just clicks off with me and I don’t want to play it any more.

2. I love it. I enjoy it so much that I play it a lot more. However, I dial it down to a reasonable level (mostly). Every once in a while, I get back into it big time, then dial it back again for while.

I’m getting into number two right now. I like this game and I’m starting to pull back from the insane amount I’ve been gaming. Yesterday, for example, I didn’t even get online. Oh wait, I did that one time, but only for a minute. For a while there, my brother was playing, but I guess he isn’t as into it as I am.

Sigh. It was nice playing online with him. We don’t get to do too much together any more. I hope he isn’t mad at me. 😛