My Take on Circumcision

Why am I writing this now? Because it has come up recently on a Facebook page I follow, I think it is important, and I need to get this off my chest. So, here goes:

1. I never had a choice. It was done to me without my permission or consent. (I understand it was the thing to do at the time, and my parents didn’t know any better, so I’m not blaming them, but I’m still ticked off.)

2. It is not necessary to circumcise. Being intact is the norm for human males.

3. It is generally considered illegal and immoral to circumcise girls, so why it is ok to do the same to boys?

4. The doctor should have refused to circumcise me because it was medically unethical to do so. (Yes, I do blame the doctor for doing this. He should have known better and he took an oath.) It was medically unethical in my opinion because of reason 2 above. The surgery was unnecessary. I was not having any problems with my foreskin, so I think cutting it off was highly unethical, especially when you consider that it’s done because there is a very profitable market for the foreskins. They don’t just throw them away, they sell them and make a ton of money while charging the parents to have it done as well.

I really could go on and on about this for pages, but that is my opinion in a nutshell.

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