Inspired by the above movie, I made another character. This one is a Rogue, called Grimsieg, a name I shamelessly stole from one of my brother’s D&D characters. His Grimsieg was a half orc assassin. Mine is a human. Instead of rolling him up on my usual server (US-Darrowmere), I made him on a RP server I have heard good things about (US-Wyrmrest Accord). Everything I’ve heard has been confirmed. I knew I picked a good server when I didn’t feel like I needed to take a shower after roaming around Goldshire and Elwynn Forest during my leveling, like I did when I was leveling on US-Moonguard. That place is the most populated RP server, but also has the most sickos. Fortunately they all seem to congregate in Goldshire at the inn, but still… ick.

I’ve been playing him for about a week or so now, and he’s at level 51. I specced him as Combat at first, but now I’ve switched over to Subtlety since I don’t have problems with his energy generation (there is a talent you get at around level 40 with Subtlety that pretty much solves your energy problem. I like both Combat and Subtlety specs, and my intention was to level with Combat and do PVP with Subtlety, but I’m enjoying leveling with Subtlety as well. I really enjoy Shadowstepping right behind someone, hitting Premeditation, Ambush, then one Hemmorhage and Eviscerate as a finishing shot. Sometimes they die at Ambush. Subtlety does a nice huge burst at the beginning, but can’t stand in melee like the Combat spec. The nice thing about Subtlety is that you don’t have to stand that long, because your Ambush and Hemorrhage has knocked down the health of your opponent quite a bit, so you have only a little while until they’re dead.

So far my experience has only been with PVE questing. I haven’t ventured into dungeons or done any pvp yet. I’m would be ok with dungeons, but with PVP I think I still need some practice and to get my keybinds set up intuitively. Right now I’m struggling with getting them set up in a way I like. I think I’ve figured out how to do it, but I have to switch over and see how it works.

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