Our Saturday Schedule

On Saturday, Morgan handed me a schedule of things we were going to do together that day. Here they are:

1. Interrogation
2. Do Songs
3. Dance
4. Do Writing
5. Do Super Heroes
6. The Michael will be a judge at courthouse.
7. Party
8. Do Work

We got through 1 and 2. Interrogation consists of Morgan setting up a TV tray in front of me, sitting down in it, and having a conversation with me. This is him asking me questions like “Hi, how are you doing?”, then moving on to the next question without waiting for an answer. Kind of fun.

Do Songs means Morgan gets out his Casio Keyboard, lays it out on the TV tray, plugs it in and has me play it while he sings improv songs. However, I am required to play in a specific way for each song. In one, I have to twiddle my fingers on the keyboard doing mini scales; in another, I have to keep my hands stiff and hit the keyboard with my fingers, keeping them in the same position but moving up and down the keyboard, similar to chopsticks. Keep in mind that I don’t play the keyboard, and while there was definitely noise coming from the Casio, I wouldn’t call it music. It was good enough for Morgan though.

After songs, he got bored and drifted off to other things. It was extremely fun while it lasted and I’m a little sad we didn’t get to any of the other items. We’ve done them before and they’re all fun.

More Fashion Plating

Once again I’ve done some transmogrification to a couple of my characters to make them more pleasing to me aesthetically. This time around my vict… umm clients, I mean, were my Paladin (aka Goldoath) and my Death Knight (aka Wraithstar). Both are Draenei, and so taller and bulkier than humans. I like that for melee characters, because a hulking guy with a sword is more intimidating in my opinion. That’s why I like Tauren warriors, for that matter. These looks are subject to change if I come across something I like better, but for now they’re good.

Anyway, first up is the paladin. He has a set of tanking gear used in his Protection spec, and a set of pvp gear used in his Retribution spec. For his tanking set, this is the one set I’m the most unsure of. I basically set him up in armor identical in almost all ways to the Stormwind guards. Very smart looking, but I’m looking at a few other choices.

Goldoath Tanking Gear
Goldoath in his tanking gear.

For PVP, I went to an old set of PVP gear, which had some major advantages. First, I like how it looks. Second, it was relatively cheap. Third, it isn’t being copied by a lot of people. I like the blue as well. It kind of reminds me of stained glass, which reminds me of cathedrals, which goes well with paladins. This one I’m very sure of and doubt I’ll be changing as things stand.

Goldoath PVP
Goldoath in PVP gear

My next one is for my Death Knight, named Wraithstar, and currently my favorite. For a long time he was just there to make gems for my other characters, but I decided to give him a spin and look into gearing him up for pvp and pve, so he’s the one I’ve been playing the most recently. This first picture is his DPS gear, worn when he’s running dungeons and such. This is the same armor you get after you graduate from Death Knight trade school. A nice set of blues that pretty much hold you for several levels. Silly me, I threw the originals away as I upgraded them, but in my defense there was no transmogrification at the time. This set is available at The Ebon Hold, or DKHQ as I like to call it.

Wraithstar DPS gear
Wraithstar's DPS gear

Finally, we have his PVP gear. At first, his gear had the same look as the gear Death Knights start out with before they graduate from DK trade school. A set of greens that look like cultist robes. Kind of nice, but I really don’t like robes on my Draenei for some reason. I should point out that the “cultist robes” are pretty popular in the DK community, just not with me. Anyway, this set is very similar to Goldoath’s PVP set (above), since it comes from the same PVP season. The colors are different, as befits a dark and brooding DK. I like this much better than the cultist robes.

Wraithstar PVP gear
Wraithstar's PVP set

And there you have it. In future I’m sure I’ll have more gear transmogrified to suit my fashion tastes on different characters. For now this is it. Feedback is always welcome.