Awesome, I thought to myself. I’m the first person to notice that Nancy Grace pronounces her regular contributor’s name so that it sounds like some freaky kind of dinosaur. Jean Casarez – Jinkasaurus. Heh, heh. I really nailed that. I wonder why no one else figured it out.

I know! I’ll tie it in with WoW by naming a raptor pet Jinkasaurus! So, after heading to Outlands and getting a new raptor, I name it Jinkasaurus and take an awesome bunch of screenshots. You know what? I’ll need a picture of Ms. Casarez to go next to it, so let’s go and Google. *clickety clackety typety type* Jean Casarez *enter*

Me: “…”

Upon noticing a ton of pictures with her head tacked on to the body of various dinosaurs… and those weren’t even under Jinkasaurus, which has even more.


Well, at least I think I’m the first one to make a Hunter pet from it.

The real Jean Casarez
Jean Casarez


My hunter pet is the one on the bottom.

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