Stupid Criminal Names

I have to say that recently I’ve been very disappointed in our local police. Why, you ask? Well I’ll tell you. Stupid criminal names are rampant. The most recent example is “The Handsome Guy Bandit,” so called because he wore a latex mask when he robbed banks. Really? That’s the best name you could come up with? Why not, “The Guy Who Robs Banks Robber?” He’s been caught, but I wonder if he let himself get caught so people wouldn’t use that stupid name whenever he robbed a bank in future. Oh! I know! How about “The Pistol Wielding Bandit!” That’s much better, don’t you think?

Seriously, it’s like recently they’re just phoning it in when it comes to making up names for criminals. Don’t they have to take a class on that in the police academy? Naming Criminals 101. Because guys, when you catch “The Handsome Guy Bandit,” it isn’t nearly as impressive as something like, say… “The Hollywood Bandit.” Now there’s a bandit you could be proud of catching.

RIP My Old Friend 2

Once again I say goodbye to a trusty friend. Zebra Sarasa number 2 has finally given up the ghost. Once again, my feelings of sadness are tempered with the satisfaction of using a pen up all the way and not losing it or having it stolen. Here is hoping that Zebra Sarasa number 3 will continue the legacy of stellar service you and your brother, Zebra Sarasa number 1, have established.

Goodbye, dear friend. May you enjoy all the benefits of pen paradise that are bestowed on pens that serve their masters well.

*note: Photo of pen may be a retread of Zebra Sarasa number 1.



Awesome, I thought to myself. I’m the first person to notice that Nancy Grace pronounces her regular contributor’s name so that it sounds like some freaky kind of dinosaur. Jean Casarez – Jinkasaurus. Heh, heh. I really nailed that. I wonder why no one else figured it out.

I know! I’ll tie it in with WoW by naming a raptor pet Jinkasaurus! So, after heading to Outlands and getting a new raptor, I name it Jinkasaurus and take an awesome bunch of screenshots. You know what? I’ll need a picture of Ms. Casarez to go next to it, so let’s go and Google. *clickety clackety typety type* Jean Casarez *enter*

Me: “…”

Upon noticing a ton of pictures with her head tacked on to the body of various dinosaurs… and those weren’t even under Jinkasaurus, which has even more.


Well, at least I think I’m the first one to make a Hunter pet from it.

The real Jean Casarez
Jean Casarez


My hunter pet is the one on the bottom.

Dark Side of the Moon

The Moon

Secret Alien Bases on the Moon?

Sadly, it appears not. However, the NASA Grail mission sent back video and photographs that turned out to be very interesting indeed.

First, the moon was really surprised that we came around and started looking at the dark side. In this photo, taken shortly after the moon noticed the Grail spacecraft, it gives a classic look of surprise, perhaps even dismay.

OMG a spaceship!
Grail Mission surprises moon.

In this second photo, taken of the other quarter of the back side, it appears that the moon is missing an entire quarter section. This doesn’t look like a natural phenomena, and could mean that aliens were indeed setting up bases on the far side of the moon. If they knew about the Earth’s planned expedition to photograph the dark side of the moon, they may have removed the section where their space cities were located, or perhaps they are using advanced cloaking technology that just went a little too far.

They cut out part of the moon!!
Photo reveals a missing section of the moon.

Either way, kudos to NASA for getting these sensational photographs, which just proves that astronomy isn’t as mind numbingly boring as some people think.