Fashion Plate

I finally got all the transmogrification gear I need for my priest in WoW. I have three sets of gear (yes, three!), so it took a little while. I know, it’s not that important, but I like for my toons to actually look good and not like mismatched patchwork colored clowns.

This first set is for when Krupp is healing in dungeons and (rarely) in raids. I like the wings and such, just gives it a kind of holy look in my opinion. The originals actually looked pretty good also, but just don’t look as good without the shoulders to match the head, so I’m going with this until I get the shoulders (assuming that ever happens, which it might not).

Krupp Healing Gear
Healing Gear

Next is my shadow set, for when he’s in shadow spec and out questing or generally traveling around the world, ready to take on any mobs who object to his presence. He occasionally does dungeons in shadow, but normally heals. I love the shoulders most of all for this spec. It has the same robe and gloves as the heals. The actual set has red and blue in the robe and gloves, but I didn’t like it. I thought there was just too much red, so I just took the shoulders and hood. I like the faces covered with blindfolds, because he’s in shadow spec and doing things the Light would probably rather not see.

Krupp Shadow Gear
Shadow Gear

Finally, the PvP set. When I was looking for transmog gear originally, I wanted something with pants and not the robes. I saw this nice set, called Silver-Thread, and got all the gear over a few weeks scanning the auction house. The headgear is just a black bandana that Krupp made as a tailor. His staff is something I saw when I was looking for something else and I thought it went really well with the clothes. He wears this set whenever he’s in Battlegrounds or other forms of pvp, such as defending Goldshire or Stormwind from those nasty Hordies. This is the only set with a tabard, which happens to be his guild tabard for my guild, Elite Forces, on server Darrowmere.

Krupp PvP Gear
PvP Gear

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