I am annoyed (again).

Either a new cycle is starting, or something that’s always around is leaking into the television programs I’m watching. I suspect it’s the latter.

The other day I was watching a commercial for a jewelry store. Three young girls were trying to see if their father got the piece of jewelry they suggested for Mother’s Day. Well, of course he did, and naturally his wife showed her appreciation with a hug and a kiss. The children were watching and the older one said “Awww, they’re so cute at that age!”

That, of course, is when my bile started to rise. What is it with these commercials? I really really hate it when commercials, and TV shows for that matter, portray adults (especially parents and most often fathers) as stupid, immature and/or clueless, while their children are smarter and more mature. The icing on the cake is when the children indulge or tolerate their idiot parents while commiserating with their siblings about how difficult it is to raise their parents.

I said I suspect this was leaking over from other television programs that I don’t watch. My chief suspects are children’s shows, specifically those aimed at ten to sixteen year olds, or whatever the demographic is for them. I haven’t watched those shows, because I’m pretty sure I’d be compelled to stab one or more of my sensory organs after only a few minutes. The script writers and producers of these commercials and television shows thing they’re being very clever, but I think they’re one of the hands unravelling the threads that hold our society together. Perhaps that’s a little extreme, but they are in effect promoting the view that children are in general smarter, more mature, and know better than their parents what’s good for them. Anyone over the age of 25 or so knows that this is absolutely not true. Parents and adults are in general smarter, more mature and usually know better than children what’s good for them.

I know that you can read commentary from writers as far back as the ancient Babylonians saying that children no longer respect their parents and that society is going to hell in a handbasket, etc. I’m sure everyone thinks that about their own time, but can we please let children be disrespectful on their own, without the help and example from other adults who’s sole motivation seems to be making a quick buck off those same children, and who demonstrably have no regard for the consequences of the message they’re sending.

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