The Stopwatch

Today we bought Morgan a stopwatch. He’s been asking for it for a couple of days now. We weren’t sure why he wanted it, but when he’s specific about things he wants we try to accommodate him, so on our weekly grocery run to Wal Mart we found a nice ten dollar electronic stopwatch, a Sportline 228.


We got him home and made him wait while we put the groceries away, finally getting out his stopwatch and reading the instructions (there weren’t many) to get it working. I set the date and time, and then showed him how to turn on the timer and how to stop it. He immediately pointed it at me and hit the time button, looking at me expectantly… and looking… and looking. He got really upset and we were trying to figure it out, when it hit me. He expected the stopwatch to actually stop time, and he was upset because I didn’t freeze in place when he pointed it at me and hit the button.

This got an Oh… My… God… out of Ash, and then started laughing at the absurdity of the entire situation. I played with Morgan for a bit, freezing in place when he pointed it at me and letting him then move my arms and such around, still staying frozen in whatever pose he picked out for me, then acting as if I didn’t know what had happened when he turned time back on for me. He was very happy when it was working, but a little disappointed when he found out it didn’t work at all on Mommies or cats, and only occasionally on Daddies.

So now, he’s been complaining to Ash.

“Michael won’t stop!”

“He doesn’t want to stop.”

“He won’t stop, Anne!”

This is shaping up to be a long spring break.

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