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It’s been a few months since I started playing World of Warcraft (since June 2010). So far I’m pretty happy with it. I started with a Horde character (Rathstar the Tauren Hunter) on the Darrowmere server and got him up to level 85. All the while I was creating and leveling other characters as a break (and because that’s what I do with every online rpg I play). Unfortunately, the guild my character started with (Mass Redemption) changed a lot. I don’t think it was really a good fit for me in the first place, but I’ve always had the opinion that there is give and take in organizations, and you should try to fit yourself into them as much as they should try to fit themselves to you. However, after a while some people I counted as guild buddies left, the guild leader stepped down and handed the guild over to the one person in the guild I actually actively disliked. I reviewed my situation and decided it was time to leave the guild.

I lost interest in Rathstar and started an Alliance paladin character (Goldoath), still on the Darrowmere server. I found that I actually enjoyed playing the Alliance side for several reasons, mostly having to do with aesthetics and being on the side of the good guys for a change. In addition, I actually found a nice guild, small and fairly tight knit. They were a group of friends and family members who welcomed me and made my gaming much more pleasant. The upshot of it all is that I changed factions on Rathstar, changed his name to Wrathstar, and made him a Worgen Hunter in the Alliance, and now I have a lot more fun playing him.

At the moment, I have two main characters, Wrathstar the Hunter and Goldoath the Paladin. I tend to switch back and forth between them, and both have some interesting things going for them.

That’s all for now.

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