I Am Iron Man! An RVR Tactic

I think it was because we were trying to flip all keeps and battle objectives over as quickly as possible. We tried a tactic where we took one BO, then move on to take the other immediately. Once we took that one, we move back to the first one to wait for the defense tick (that’s where you have to defend an objective for x minutes and get renown when the time is up and it hasn’t been taken away from you). We then ran quickly to the second BO and got the defense tick on that one. Normally you take a BO and wait for the defense tick, around two or three minutes, then you go to the other BO, take it and wait for that defense tick. Doing both at the same time basically cut the time almost in half. Apparently, this tactic is called Iron Man (from the athletic event).

Well, I had resolved by then to make my SW, Sywyn, my main character , so I left Grimsieg in a warcamp an now I’m playing Sywyn full time. Nice thing about Sywyn is his Renown Rank is nearly the same as his Regular Rank. This means his gear is probably as good as can be, right now. I need to continue to earn medallions in RVR, so I can buy the best gear if I don’t happen to earn it in the chests.

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