Fixing on the Main Character

This weekend I decided that my main character for WHOL is going to be Sywyn the shadow warrior. I resolved to spend all of my effforts getting him leveled up to 40 before I spend any time on other characters. I need more practice at the kind of fighting SWs are supposed to do, i.e. hit and run. He’s getting picked off by Destro characters he should be able to take out. I put this down to lack of skill on my part, but remember that he is a ranged DPS character and isn’t intended to fight in close.

One nice thing he does have is all the available RVR gear you can get in Tier 2. My Bright Wizard Grimsieg wasn’t as fortunate. I’m talking about the special equipment you can get from the quartermaster or in drops when you successfully attack a keep. You have to get all your influence in the RVR lakes, which means you basically need to spend all your time in RVR.

My plan is to put Sywyn straight into RVR at each tier until he has filled up the influence for each t ier, and has the required renown, then hhave him run through the public quests and fill them up for each chapter in the Empire at least, maybe into other areas depending on whether he’s leveled enough in regular rank. Hopefully this plan works out.

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