My Bow Goes Pew Pew! I Love Rapid Fire

My shadow warrior, Sywyn, finally got rapid fire and it is my favorite ability right now. Shooting off ten or more shots in rapid succession is pretty awesome. I can tell I’m causing some damage too, because the opposing faction is always targeting Sywyn as soon as he starts using it on people. I can imagine the frantic cries for help from people who’s health is getting hammered and them telling people to target that damned elf, he’s killing me! Soon after than around four or five people are shooting at Sywyn and he usually has to duck under cover. But… that’s five people shooting at me instead of everyone else on my team, like spellcasters or especially healers.

The real kicker is that Sywyn has an ability that can kick in after he’s been shooting a while that will double his damage for X seconds. When I use that and my Rapid Fire, spellcasters take dirt naps. I look for spellcasters or healers mostly, and ignore tanks unless they’re the only target I have. Actually, the first thing I look for are squig herders. I hate them with a hate that cannot be described. Anyway, my choice of targets seems to have made me a priority target for Destro, which means I’m probably doing something right.

Last night I logged on for a bit and was very happy to get several greetings and an immediate invitation to a warband. People seem to know Sywyn and want him in their warband, which is very gratifying. That evening we spent at Barak Var defending the keep from a very determined attack. I went up and started working the oil, which I’d never done before. It was a blast! There’s a lot of fun to be had dropping boiling oil on hapless besiegers and getting a combat message that you’ve finished off one or two players each time you drop the oil. I did this for hours as the siege went on and on, and got two renown ranks out of it in the end going from 16 to 18. It gave him some interesting new abilities and now I’m running out of room on my number keypad for them.

Finally, Sywyn was promoted in his Guild (The Booty Brigade) from Hiney to Pioneer, so he’s no longer a noob member.

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