Trying Out Dark Side Characters

For a while now, I’ve been playing characters in the Order faction. I have my elf, Sywyn, my Bright Wizard, Grimsieg, etc. Recently I decided to try out some Destruction faction characters and see how they play. I like to have a few different characters around, in case I get bored with one. Having a few backups from a very different background can keep things from getting stale and tedious.

The same player can’t have characters from Order and Destruction on the same server in WHOL. I think it may have something to do with preventing spying or other nefarious activities, since the main activity of the server is fighting battles between factions and there is a real possibility that a betrayal could seriously hamper one or the other sides. I chose the Badlands server for my Destro Horde. I had a character on Badlands from a long time ago, a marauder I deleted because he annoyed me.

Now I have about five new characters in total and have played them all up to a few Ranks each, to get a feel for them. Now I can switch between Order and Destruction and keep things relatively fresh.

I have a couple of dark elves, a sorcerer and blackguard, a couple of humans, magus and chosen, and an orc choppa. No healers because honestly I don’t like playing them. I don’t think I’m very good at them.

I chose a dark elf because I wanted one of those cool looking T-Rex mounts.

Finally, I need to pick a main character for each server. For order I think I’ll be going with Sywyn the Shadow Warrior. He was the first character I’ve created, even though my BW Grimsieg is now higher level. He’s advancing evenly in Renown and Rank, which I like.

On Badlands, I don’t know which one I’ll pick as my main character. Maybe Zakzak the Chosen. Probably the sorcerer because I want the dino-mount.

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