The “Oh Shit!” Moment in Warhammer Online

My “OH SHIT!!!” Moment

Yesterday I had my first real OH SHIT! moment in Warhammer Online. My SW (Shadow Warrior), Sywyn was in Ostland looking for the Order warband. My Party window showed nothing in the area, but it looked like there was just a battle at the Crypt of Weapons, so off I headed. Looked empty, but everyone might have been inside, so in I went. Got all the way in to the BO (Battlefield Objective, a flag) and no one was here, so I started to come out.

On my way out, I ran in to a pack of Destro (Destruction players) who were just coming in to take the objective. We met right at one of the openings and I saw them as I came around the corner.

I stopped.

They stopped.

We looked at each other.

I thought (and said out loud), “Oh Shit.”

They realized I was alone and this wasn’t a trap and piled through the opening.

I ran.

They chased.

I got some licks in.

They wasted me in about 4 seconds.

I chuckled all night at us standing staring at each other in confusion through the doorway.

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