The More I Play, The More I Learn. Getting Better at Warhammer Online

My SM (Swordmaster), Eldorion, made it to Rank 16 and RR (Renown Rank) 13 this weekend. My BW (Bright Wizard), Grimsieg (sorry Marty) made it to Rank 19 and RR 13. This tells me, and probably the more experienced WHOL (Warhammer Online) players that I’m neglecting RVR. I realized this too, and its just one more thing I’m learning. I think it’s going to be too late to get his RR anywhere near his regular rank before I’m forced to go to the next Tier, but now I know.

From what I’ve seen, the free gear you get from treasure chests in the RVR lakes is much better than what you get for completing the PQs (Public Quests). Heck, even the stuff you can buy based on your Renown Rank is better. Again, I’m learning this. Now I know. Next time I’ll run the PQs after I get my RR gear for the tier. I’ve seen 40th level people in Tier 2 PQs, so I figure that’s what everyone else is doing.

The more I play, the more I learn. I should really take a look for some sort of guide to RVR and just playing WHOL in general.

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