Please Don’t Leave

I felt a warm gentle fire once.
At first a small warm spot
It spread to cover me with love
Gave me a capacity I didn’t know of.

You moved around hesitantly, little paw
feeling ahead over any gap.
Not quite seeing what was in front of you.
Your eyes were broken but we loved you so very much
We laughed at your little paw feling ahead of you
Not cruel laughter, it was the laughter of love
How much we loved you, doing your silly little things.

Now you’re sick, lying down, trying to breathe
You don’t understand, you just miss your mother’s touch
You miss snuggling with your sister. Now you think
about a far land where you were once happy.

She comes to see you every day. Warm, soft hands
show how much you are loved. I hope this is what you
think about. We miss you so much, lying alone
with no one you know around you. My heart breaks for my little one.

It was you, little one, your warmth
You who expanded my capacity for love
That irrational math that fills a space even as you pour it out and empty it.

Please, little one. Please don’t leave.
I know this life is painful, but I love you
and I’m so very selfish
Please come and sit on my lap again.
Purr and make me warm and calm.
I’ll love you back, I promise. Just like
I did when you were here before.

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Age: 42 Gender: male Nickname: Pookey Bear Astrological Sign: Cancer Born in the Year of the: Snake Location: Plano - Texas - USA