Trip to the Emergency Animal Clinic

I guess it wouldn’t be the holidays without an emergency visit to the vet. Tiberius is pretty sick and rather than wait until Monday, I had to take him in to the emergency clinic today.

… Just saw the vet and it’s bad. Tiberius is dying and we have to see how bad he is and whether he has any chance. I’m not going to just abandon him, even though the vet things it’s a hopeless case and we should euthanize him now. They’re going to do some lab tests and then we’ll see where we are.

… Lab tests confirm he has Feline Distemper. We’re going to give him treatment. That means supporting him while he fights off the virus and trying to make sure he doesn’t get something else, because that is what usually kills cats with Distemper, the secondary diseases they can get when their immune system is knocked out.

I wasn’t happy with the attitude of the vets. It seemed like they were just going to give up on him, and were hinting that he needed to be put down even before they ran bloodwork. The technicians were much more compassionate. But i suppose that’s the usual way of things. Nurses are usually more empathetic than doctors, in my experience.

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