A new low for spammers

Ok, this is just sad. Today I get my usual raft of spam (which Apple Mail diverts to the Spam folder toot sweet, thank you very much). One of them, however, stood out from the others. It didn’t have a catchy sounding or even wildly pornographic sounding subject line.

No. This one stood out because it was from the stupidest name I’ve seen yet. Perjuries J. Polyester. Really. That was the name. This was your standard porn email promising various unmentionable visual delights if I would just click the convenient link embedded in the email. But I couldn’t. I was just sad at the name. It made me feel like the guy in the beer commercial when someone dropped the case of beers. He was in bed somewhere far away and was overcome with an unexplainable sadness. That’s how I felt.

It’s like they weren’t even trying. I remember a time when spammers tried to put in a realistic sounding name, one generic enough that you might think you actually knew a person by that name. Now we get Purjuries J. Polyester.

What has spamming come to.

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