Let’s put that in perspective. The Walton family’s net worth is $90 billion. So $8 million dollars represents .009 percent of their total.

The average family’s net worth is $86,100. If an average family contributed at the same rate as the Waltons, they’d donate $7.74.

There are thousands of families all around country that are being far more generous to Katrina victims than the Waltons. Few of them will be personally thanked by a former President.

(Via Think Progress.)

You have got to be kidding me. The Walton family gives $8 million, and instead of saying thank you very much, you say they didn’t give enough as a percentage of their net worth. This is why I hate liberals. They didn’t donate $7.74 for crying out loud, they donated $8 million. That doesn’t include the $15 million from the company.

When the average family decides what to donate to charity (people like me), they figure out what they are making and carve out an amount they can afford. They don’t sit down and think, “What’s my net worth?” Instead, they think “How much can I spare from my paycheck this month?”

Let’s see, what is the average family’s income as a percentage of their net worth? Perhaps that would be a better indicator. How much does the average person make in a year? I heard it was around $40,000 or so. Let’s call it $43,500, meaning that the average family makes half their net worth in a year. Do the Walton’s make $45 billion a year?

Shame on you for belittling what is a truly generous donation.

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5 thoughts on “$7.74”

  1. Let me add a resounding AMEN to this. I doubt very seriously that we will see our oil rich president, his siblings and father make anywhere near this type of donation to the disaster. Mama Bush says the survivors will be living better than than were in New Orleans before the flood.

    Does the Bush family not have any compassion? I truly believe that it is ice water that runs in their veins. I might as well add that this appears to be true of the whole Bush administration. By the way, has anyone seen, or heard from Dick and Lynn Cheney?

    At least Walmart was among the first and did anyone hear their president say not to worry about the looting it was just things the looters were taking.

    As with the previous reply, shame on you for belittling what is truly a generous donation.

    Thank God for Walmart and the CNN and MSNBC anchors..

  2. Fine shame on them for belittling a generous donation, I agree. That being said, you might want to watch that liberal bashing. Are all republicans right wing, Christian, fanatical, war mongering, bastards? Are all libertarians money grubbing, self centered, short sighted, blog writing S.O.B.s? No. So please don’t put all liberals in the same boat. Liberal is no more a bad name, or shouldn’t be, than is republican or libertarian or democrat or conservative. Actually I hate the entire idea of convienently pigeon-holing people like that. I know it’s human nature and that it will always happen, but sometimes it goes too far.
    Signed: A gun toting, mine the southern boarder, liberal.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe you read this! I agree that I should have clarified who I was talking about rather than say I hate liberals. I’m talking about the politically correct ones who believe that they are entitled to whatever they think they want, etc. etc.

    Plus you’re not a liberal, you’re a libertarian in denial right now :-P. Come to the daaaark side, Martin, give in to your feeeelings and join me. Together we will rule the empire!

  4. You are right. I am not a liberal, I am a radical. As far as joining the Dark Side, 🙂 I already think dark. Why do you think I’m giving you a pistol? Because I believe it just may come down to anachy. At least we have evidence that it can happen on a local scale after a disaster.

    Anyway, trust the computer. Keep your laser handy! All radical socialists please report to cell block B for termination. Have a nice day.
    The Computer

  5. Ecch, it is *so* petty to accuse people of not giving enough to charity… be thankful people give anything at all when they’re free not to.

    It’s speculation like this that makes companies and prominent individuals reluctant to give. Would they have posted critical comments if the Walton family hadn’t given anything? No. They make it safer, in a public relations sense, for companies to be miserly.

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