Hurricane Relief Suggestion Box

Hurricane Relief Suggestion Box:

I’ve not blogged the Katrina aftermath much, partly because I’m so disgusted I don’t trust myself around a keyboard when I’m thinking about it, and partly because I have been assuming that most decent, clear-thinking people are thinking pretty much the same thing.

I guess I was wrong on the second count, at least, because The Paragraph Farmer has posted a list of Katrina-related suggestions by people who are, as far as I know, decent and clear-thinking, and I disagree with a far amount of these suggestions. So, I’m going to have a post with my running thoughts about Katrina, and if/as I update it, I may bump this post to the top.


I have more but that’s enough for now. Probably more than I should have written, actually.

Addendum: Coyote Blog has a picture that is worth a thousand words.
(Via Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog.)

Some very good suggestions here. As usual Ms. Ridenour has eminently sensible advice. Most of you know that I disagree with a lot of what liberals and conservatives say, but I agree with more of what she says than any other conservative I know of.

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