Rosy Rhetoric Revisited

Rosy Rhetoric Revisited:

Because it has been more than two years since the original invasion of Iraq, much of the American public has forgotten how easy Bush administration officials predicted the occupation of Iraq would be. The Washington Post reports the hard truth:


(Via Think Progress.)

This is the problem with so called progressives. They don’t oppose the war on moral grounds, i.e. war is state sanctioned murder for the selfish purposes of a society’s elite. Rather their sniveling argument is that it is costing more than Bush said it would.

This shows their moral bankruptcy. They aren’t opposed to a war in Iraq (or anywhere else). They just wanted to be the ones who thought of it first. They make me sick.

Sometimes I like mornings

I like the mornings sometimes. Not always, but sometimes. I don’t particularly like getting up early, but I have a job so that’s what I do. What I like most about getting up in the morning is the summertime. It’s quiet and I have time to just sit and think.

Morgan is out of school, so I don’t have to drag his ass out of bed and get him ready for school. He is so much like his mother. He may look like me, but his personality is all Ash. It takes me a half an hour to get him up and out of bed, and he’s a major crank-ass.

But it’s during the summer when he gets up in the morning and he doesn’t have to get ready. It’s seven in the morning, and he just gets up, comes out an sits on my lap, hugging me. This early, he’s usually very quiet, still half asleep. I usually remember to give him his medicine, too. We just sit there for a little while, then I tell him I have to go to work. He gets up and goes back to bed.

“Goodbye, I’ll see you later.” I say as I tuck him in.

“Bye bye daddy.”

Like I said, sometimes I like the morning.

Just in case you think you know how to speak husband. I’d rather give him his pill, because it means I got to be with him for a little while before I go to work.

Roberts Was Prominent Member of Federalist Society

Roberts Was Prominent Member of Federalist Society:

John Roberts and the White House are still refusing to explain why Roberts first denied having ties to the right-wing Federalist Society.


(Via Think Progress.)
Right wing? I think not. Go take a look for yourself.

Main points:
1. Interpreting the law as it is, not as they think it should be.

2. Upholding the rights of the states over encroachment by a centralized state.

If this is what Democrats and so-called liberals are opposed to it’s no wonder they keep losing. It’s just too bad the other choice we’re faced with is Republicans, who also oppose the above points, but are just better at concealing it.

If Mr. Roberts was a member of the Federalist Society, that is a recommendation in my book.

Tooth Doctor

Monday was Morgan’s dentist appointment. We found out when they called to confirm our appointment on Friday afternoon. Now, this was a big surprise, since I usually try to suppress these memories as far down in my subconscious as possible. This is just to prevent me from starting to rock back and forth like Morgan does sometimes.

Visits to the dentist are like being dragged through a tunnel filled with razor blades (for me at least). I’m trying to convey that it is unpleasant for everyone. Morgan doesn’t like it. He hates people messing around in his mouth. He doesn’t like lying down on the dentist chair (it’s a little unsteady and he feels like he’s going to fall down).

The dentist doesn’t like the loud air raid siren screams he lets out when we’re holding him down and cleaning his teeth or examining him.

I don’t like doing something to him that he hates so much and doesn’t even understand. He doesn’t understand why we’re doing this, but he’s always a sweet boy afterwards. He says goodbye to everyone and doesn’t have any hard feelings.

Plus, when I have to drop off the paperwork and get another appointment, Morgan just wants to leave or play with their computers. All around, it’s a horrible experience for everyone. Ash won’t even go because she can’t stand to see him so upset.

But, the nurse is great. She’s patient and says she doesn’t mind the screaming. I thought this was a great place to bring him, because when I told them he has autism, they said that’s no problem. I said he would scream and they said they’d close the door to his exam room.

I think it’s wearing thin, though. When the dental hygienist left to get the doctor, she came back and said the doctor asked if she really needed to examine him. It was just said jokingly and I understand completely, but it still hurts some. He is who he is, I can’t change it. I don’t like him screaming when he does. I wish I could make him understand what’s happening. I’m probably oversensitive.

The exam was great. His mouth is healthy and they said his teeth were just fine. As always, it shocks me that he’s doing so well now.

He has another appointment next January, and if I remember, he’ll have a social story ready this time.

Wisdom from Bob Parsons

Want to make it big? Always be moving forward. Never stop improving. Larry’s big idea!:


Make it your goal to be a little better every day.

The moment you stop improving your organization, it starts to die. Make it your goal to be better each and every day in some small way. Remember the Japanese concept of Kaizen. Small daily improvements eventually result in huge advantages.

(Via Hot Points.)

Some very wise words from the owner of I recommend reading the entire post. I always enjoy Mr. Parson’s blog entries because he’s actually done what he writes about, not just thought about it.

More on another business related blog I like to read tomorrow.

Scobleizer gets grumpy

The Mac guys start calling Vista names already:

MacDailyNews starts the name calling already: “Microsoft’s Windows ‘Vista’ promises similar features to Apple’s already-shipping Mac OS X.”

Oh, really?

<snipped several defensive statements that don’t really have anything to do with the fact that Vista is not here yet. Go ahead and read the rest.>

(Via Scobleizer.)

Getting touchy are we? I think what they mean is that your operating system is a year late and several features short. You shouldn’t take these things so personally. Chill out, drink a latte, listen to a pod blogcast (snort) and try to get some perspective.

It has been my experience that when someone gets defensive, it is often because they are feeling attacked. Why would he think a simple statement of truth is an attack? Doesn’t Vista promise similar features to Mac OS X? Isn’t Mac OS X already shipping?

What’s the problem? Oh yeah, soon we’ll all be on Intel processors so you won’t even be able to hide behind gigahertz any more.

Today’s Whiteboard Notes

the refrigerator

Here’s a picture of our refrigerator. Ash thinks she’s funny.

There is a picture of me very drunk at the top, right above the whiteboard pen.

Next to that is the wedding picture of the daughter of Ash’s best friend.

To the right of the whiteboard is Morgan and his Kindergarden teacher on the last day of school.

Near the bottom is one of Morgan with his hand up asking for help. He sometimes brings the picture to me and says “I need help!”

Then, of course, is Ash’s little joke with his magnetic letters. Ha ha ha…


Here’s the whiteboard in close up. First line is me this morning. Morgan takes a pill in the morning. If he gets up with me, I give it to him, otherwise Ash does.

Next is what I came home to, then my reply on the bottom.

Things are getting better all the time

We got a new router/DSL modem yesterday. Our current DSL modem was in the process of dying a slow, painful death, so Ash and I decided to go looking for a new one. I took a look at the SBC web site, since we use SBC DSL service. I figured I would make sure that anything we bought was compatible. Lo and behold, SBC sells the DSL equipment we would be looking for. I took a look at what they had to offer and then looked around to see if I could get it somewhere else for less. Turns out I couldn’t.
We decided to go with what’s called a gateway router. It includes the DSL modem, ethernet network, a USB port we can hook our printer up to, and wireless 802.11g/b. It is a nice all in one unit that takes up a lot less space.

When I got home yesterday, Morgan immediately brought me the box and said “Open. Box?”

“No, that box goes in the trash. We’re throwing it in the garbage.” Yes, I’m a heartless bastard.

Looks at me for 5 seconds. “Daddy. Open. Box!”

Sigh. “Later. Daddy has to get a drink and have dinner first.”

“Daddy. Open box, please.” Yes, he is extremely persistent.

Sigh. “OK, we’ll open the box now.”

I opened the box and showed Morgan the new router. He was fascinated. Eventually, I started to set it up. I listened to Ash and didn’t bother to replace our current wall unit DSL filter with the one that came with our new router. An hour later, waiting for the DSL modem to connect, I decided to switch out the filter and, what do you know, it worked. I don’t know why I listen to Ash about setting up computer stuff.

Anyway, we’re finally up and running with our new DSL router, I’m connected wirelessly via WEP, and things are getting better all the time.

Starbucks doesn’t suck

My birthday was last Wednesday, and I got a Starbucks card from my sister in the mail. Nice!

Ash and I got her drinking Starbucks when she visited us, and now she loves it just as much as we do. I keep hearing from people about how it sucks and how this or that other obscure brand is so much better. I will concede that some brands of coffee are really good. Some may well taste better than Starbucks, although that is a matter of individual taste.

But don’t say that Starbucks sucks. It tastes good. If it didn’t appeal to a lot of people, then no one would be buying it. Maybe it isn’t to your taste, but c’mon. It isn’t bad.