My sordid past

I must confess, I’m a gamer. That’s right, behind this ultra-cool exterior lies a Dungeons and Dragons nerd. I am one of those people you’ve heard of who likes to play role-playing games, though that isn’t all of it. Not only did I play a Dungeons and Dragons like game, sank even further into nerdity by playing a more obscure game.

I made a chart so you can see just how much of a nerd I really am:

Dungeons and Dragons —– Many normal people have heard of it.

GURPS —– No normal people have heard of it. Some Dungeons and Dragons people.

Fudge —– A few Dungeons and Dragons people. Some GURPS people have.

Fate —– No Dungeons and Dragons people, a few GURPS people, some Fudge people.

This is where I’m at. My game of choice is Fate, a game so obscure that even Dungeons and Dragons people haven’t even heard of it.

But, my friends, that isn’t the end of it. I also play wargames. Sure, I can play Chess, but I prefer Go. I can play Checkers, but I really like the (you guessed it!) more obscure wargames that are simulations of actual historical battles. I know your eyes are glazing over as you contemplate all of this, so I won’t continue.

I just wanted to let you know who you’re dealing with.

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Morgan recently started calling me Michael.

If I’m making him popcorn and leave, when the microwave beeper goes off, he calls out, “Miiichael!”, and points at the microwave. If he wants me to open a door for him or come over and look at something, if calling Daddy doesn’t work, he uses Michael.

He learned my name for school. One of the things they taught him was Ash and my name, our address, and phone number. He was never really good at the address, but he had the phone number and our names down pretty good. I also think he heard Ash calling me that.

Ash wondered if I minded him calling me Michael. I don’t really. It’s my name after all, and everyone else calls me that, so why not him. It is a little strange, though. It’s also a little amusing, since he only calls me Michael when there is something specific happening. It’s when he’s calling my attention to something that I need to do. Any other time, it’s daddy.

Strange, but I get a kick out of it.