Installing a new CD/DVD drive

Today we got Ash’s new DVD drive in the mail. She bought Sims 2 last weekend and was excited about the fun she was going to have playing it. Unfortunately she was to be disappointed. It comes on a DVD, not a CD, and her Quicksilver Power Mac G4 desktop computer only has a CD drive. It can’t read the DVD. We ran into this problem when we got the new Mac OS (Tiger), but I was able to install it from my iBook, which has a CD/DVD drive. You can slave one Mac to another over a firewire drive, so that the slaved Mac looks like a hard drive on the master computer. I just did that and told OSX to install on Ash’s hard drive instead of my own.

This time, it wouldn’t work, because although I could install it, I’m pretty sure the program also requires the disk be in the drive when it is running. So, on Saturday she let me know that we needed to get a DVD drive that day. I started looking around on Small Dog Electronics and Mac Warehouse to see what they were selling that might be compatible. We narrowed the choice down to two different ones, and finally settled on the LaCie. We have a LaCie external hard drive and we’re very happy with it, so we decided to go with the same brand. This one also has something called LightScribe, which lets us inscribe the label directly on the other side of the disk. Total cost was a little over a hundred bucks.

We ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived today. I started installing it and naturally, it was a snap with the instructions on the Apple Web Site. Now it’s ready to go. The only problem is that halfway through putting the drive back into the computer, the power went out. It is still out as I write this. We got out the battery powered lanterns and I finished the job of screwing it back in and connecting the power and other cords. Now it is just sitting near the desk, waiting for the power to come back on before I hook it back up to everything.

Right now the only thing I’m hoping is that we didn’t need to install the Utilities before we took out the CD drive. Hopefully the DVD drive just works. It’s for a Mac, so I’ll be somewhat surprised if it doesn’t just work. I’m sure we’ll need the utilities to set up some of the extra functionality, but not the plain DVD reading.

I showed Ash the hard drive, and where we would install the second hard drive when we get it. I noticed that her hard drive is as slow as the one in my iBook. We’ll be getting a new one eventually, but bigger and faster. It will be the main drive and her old one will be for backups only.

When Morgan saw that the box came in, he wanted to open it immediately, of course. Ash was talking to her ex-husband, Steven (more on that later), so she didn’t open it immediately. When I got home from work, the first thing Morgan did was bring me the box and say “Open present?”

These days, anything in a box that gets delivered is a present for him.

Well, it’s 9:38 p.m. and the power finally came back on (along with the Air Conditioning!). Ash reconnected the computer and what was the first thing she did? Pop in the utilities disk for the DVD drive? Pop in the Sims 2 to see if it worked? Nope. She took the vacuum cleaner and started vacuuming up little areas of the house that needed it. I swear I can’t understand that woman.

She finally got back to the computer and popped in the disk and (ta da!) it worked. Typical Macintosh. It just works. Suck it Microsoft! Plus I’m good, I know.