A safe for a dollar bill?

I was just amused at myself today, thinking about some of the things I’ve set up for security on this blog. For example, I have a new plugin on WordPress (my blogging software) called Bad Behavior. I just installed it this morning. You can see it in the Statistics section of the sidebar. It is supposed to be a really great program for stopping spam attacks on your blog. I thought it was amusing mainly because my blog doesn’t get that much traffic. Here I am setting up this great spam blocking tool, and no one really wants to spam my blog.

Same thing for the email notification signup I recently had. It is supposed to let someone sign up to get notified when I post a new entry. I took it down because Ash just told me it doesn’t automatically send out notifications after all. I’m still working on a new system so that people can sign up, but once again, who would want to or need to? If you have an RSS reader, like NewNewsWire for Mac, FeedDemon for Windows or NewsGator for anyone you don’t need email notifications. Every time you use your RSS reader, it just tells you about new posts anyway. If you come to the website on a regular basis, you will see new content anyway. And let’s face it, only two people signed up for email notification anyway, my wife and my brother (but not my sister because I think she’s mad at me. She didn’t even say hi to me when she was talking to Ash the other day).

I’m putting up all these world class tools to manage my blog so I don’t have to spend a huge amount of time maintaining all the spam and requests to get updated, and that isn’t even happening. Just something I wanted to laugh at myself about. I’m easily amused.

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