Poor Morgan is sick again

The poor guy has been sick all week, so no school for him. He was in a summer school program for two weeks. He went last week but couldn’t go this week. He was feeling better yesterday and I sent him to school (well, took him since the schoolbus didn’t show up).

I got a call at 9 am that day, just as one of my classes started at work (I’m training my fellow employees on a new software system). I had to cancel the class and go pick him up. It turns out that since his face was chapped from wiping his nose for the past three days, they thought he had an unknown rash and couldn’t keep him due to school policy.

This is just another example of what’s wrong with our schools. I told them it was just chapped skin, but they can’t bend on the policy. I understand that they are so afraid of lawsuits that they can’t ever make exceptions to their policy, but it is still stupid.

Anyway, Morgan will be home today as well, meaning he’s missed half of this session. He will be going back for another two weeks after the July 4 holiday, though.