Racial Tension in San Antonio

Randy commented on my post about being chased by a black mob. He mentioned that he lived near where I did, but closer to John Glenn Elementary, from what I can see on the map.

Apparently, there was quite a bit of racial tension in the area. I guess I was pretty oblivious to it, being a military brat and living with all kinds of people. You’ll find that military kids are usually not racist because of their exposure to other cultures and people.

I was in that neighborhood from 1973 to 1976, after which we moved onto Lackland Air Force Base. We must have moved into the neighborhood right after the riot at John Jay High School he mentions. I went to third grade in Ms. Wernli’s class. It’s amazing what you remember when you see a map. They just start flooding back as long unused neural connections start to fire again.

At least I have something to blog about, as these memories start to come back.

Racial Tension in San Antonio?

Randy commented on my post about being

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