Inflatable Insanity

First One Here
We were the first ones there today. Sunday’s jump session started at five. Morgan ran right in and started looking around for people. When he finally saw another child come in he ran over and said “Come on, let’s play!”

One bonus for him was that Joe and Dawn Siau showed up with their adorable children. Morgan just loves to sit and look at their baby. He commands Dawn to sit down on the floor so he can sit down with her and hold the baby. “It’s a baby!”

It's a baby!

He’s so gentle around the baby, which is strange when you see how he is around our cats. Christopher just runs and hides under the bed when Morgan shows up. Gus started out with Morgan as a kitten, so he’s used to him now. He has had a good effect on Morgan, but sometimes he gets a little rough. However, with the baby, he’s as gentle as can be.