SD Strikes Again!

SD stands for Software Dilletante. Yet another attempt at a software program. This one is an old tried and true program I’ve used for a while when it was free, called MacJournal.

Pardon the hell out of me if I like to try out programs before I go to using one permanently. I’ve tried Ecto, MarsEdit and now I’m trying MacJournal. What’s the big deal? I like to try before I buy. So sue me.

So far, I like Ecto best, mainly because it can post a thumbnail of a picture. MarsEdit is also nice because of its integration with NetNewsWire. I just have to see how this program integrates images before I spend too much money on it, though.

I’m not sure I like that I can’t seem to pull down my current blog entries, though. I haven’t read the manual so I might be able to do this. More later.

Update: 1 hour later

I gave it a try but can’t get MacJournal to post to the weblog. It will create a blank draft on the server, but none of my text is there. I would take the time to figure it out, but since I have two other programs I know work and I didn’t have to figure them out, I’m not going to bother.

In the end, I like ecto best because it can set up thumbnails for any pictures I put up, integrates with iPhoto and just works.

I won’t make a decision for a bit (I have to go out today), but unless something major changes, I expect I’ll be buying ecto this evening.

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