C’mon, lets go!

Go Shopping? Morgan is ready to go shopping. One of the first shots I took with my awesome new digital camera. This is also one of the rare shots of him fully clothed. Normally Morgan doesn’t like to wear clothes. He will tolerate them for going out, but as soon as he hits the door coming home, he starts tearing them off.

Our new digital camera

We bought a new digital camera a couple of weeks ago. It is really sweet! I love this thing. I understand why people like the really small ones, but I just don’t think they can take pictures as good as this. It came with a 16 MB memory card, which was good for 8 really high resolution pictures. We decided to buy a couple of 128 MB cards since they were on sale for only $20 each. Originally, I wanted to get a 256 MB card, but buying two 128s wound up a lot less expensive. We also got a carrying case so we could lug it around and not worry about damaging it.
Fujifilm S3100

Now we can take pictures without having to worry about film developing. We just need to get them printed.

We’re still going to need to develop the rolls we still have from our old camera. I guess we’ll be putting that up for sale sometime.

Oprah and the terrorists

Oprah and the terrorists:

: Debbie Schlussel, conservative columnist and Howard Stern fave, writes a pretty damning indictment of Oprah’s mollycoddling of terrorists: Schlussel says Oprah wants us to understand mass murderer Mohammed Atta and understand a Palestinian human bomb and not mention that the murderers in Beslan were Islamic but instead came from the mountains. Maybe if you gave the terrorists cars, Oprah, they wouldn’t be mad anymore.

(Via BuzzMachine.)

The only reason to try to understand these people is to more effectively stop them. The real problem here is that we’re willing to co-exist (or we were), but these people aren’t.

Even if it’s true doesn’t mean you should say it

Capital Games: More on the Pentagon’s Koran Fib: “First there were no credible allegations; now the Pentagon admits there were ‘incidents.

(Via The Nation Weblogs.)

So what! What possible good or public interest was served by reporting this in the first place? What the hell did Newsweek think would happen?! In their childish quest for a scoop, they poured lighter fluid on a fire.

It was totally irresponsible, and it doesn’t matter if it was true or not. Reporters are supposed to use judgement. For the same reason they wouldn’t publish military information that could jeopardize lives, they shouldn’t have published this.

To defend reporting this because it is true just misses the point. Shame on Newsweek.