Cliff Kincaid: Abolish Public TV and Radio

Cliff Kincaid: Abolish Public TV and Radio:

Cliff Kincaid says: In a front-page story on May 2, the New York Times accused the new Republican chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting of ‘aggressively pressing public television to correct what he and other conservatives consider liberal bias…’ That was in the first paragraph. If you got to the 22nd paragraph, continued back on page 19, you found that the CPB chairman, Kenneth Tomlinson, was insisting that the programs it supports and funds adhere to the federal law requiring objectivity and balance. That law was passed back in 1967 and has been flaunted by public TV and radio ever since…

He also says:

What’s needed is a congressional effort to de-fund public broadcasting. In a 500-channel universe, public broadcasting should survive on its own — if it can. I agree.

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(Via Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog.)

What we really need to end is all public funding for all broadcasting of any kind. Abolish the FCC and let the free market decide what goes on the air. Let individuals work out who uses what bandwidth. It’s call homesteading and property rights. It is something that common law and courts can settle through lawsuits. While we’re at it, lets end all public funding for any government function that isn’t mentioned in the Constitution.

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