You’re both wrong on Social Security

Another new blog I’ve started reading from a conservative blogger named Amy Ridenour. This particular article is about Social Security. She agrees with someone named Star Parker (who I’ve never heard of), who says:

The simple truth is that the Social Security system needs to be replaced with one in which American workers retain their own money and invest in their own retirement accounts. Our task is to devise a plan to let workers opt for personal accounts. And, in the meantime, we must tap our resources to meet existing obligations to current retirees. That’s it. Clear and simple.

My opinion: Social Security needs to be scrapped.

Update: 5/25/2005:
Wow! Someone actually read my post. I should mention that even though I don’t agree with Ms. Ridenaur on this, I enjoy reading her. We all agree that something should be done. We just don’t agree on what.

I should also expand on why I think Social Security should be scrapped, but the basics are that in my opinion it is nothing but a huge pyramid scheme. If anyone other than a government functionary had proposed it, they would be in jail now for fraud (as always, IMHO).

Finally, when I wrote that You’re both wrong, I meant Democrats and Republicans, not Ms. Ridenaur and Ms. Parker, although you actually are both wrong as well. 😉