Here we go again

Yes, I’m a software dilettante. I’m trying out yet another weblog editor. This one is called MarsEdit. It seems pretty good, but I wonder what I think I’m missing in MarsEdit that isn’t in ecto. I think it might have something to do with preferences that I set in ecto that I don’t seem to have in MarsEdit. I could be wrong.

Differences I can see right away. MarsEdit only stores recent posts from your weblog, while ecto pulls them all and stores them. This is actually somewhat important. If I lost my database online, ecto could restore it pretty easily, while MarsEdit might not be able to. The obvious solution is to have a backup, but with Ecto, I don’t need one, do I? Maybe I’m missing something.

I just double checked ecto, and it appears that not all the posts are downloaded into ecto either. Not a big deal to me anyway. It looks like MarsEdit will be just as good as ecto. I also like NetNewsWire which is made by Ranchero Software as well. There is a bundle deal if I buy both, so that is a consideration.

More on my stupid decision later. I think they are both good, both do what I need, and it may boil down to which one handles graphics files better.