Get over being a Catholic

The editor of the Jesuit magazine “America” was fired by the pope. Liberal Catholics are all up in arms about it.

C’mon guys, liberal Catholics are like people putting make-up on a corpse, hoping they can get someone to go out with it. They’re like hostages succumbing to Stockholm Syndrome, they’re like battered wives who keep returning to their abusers. Get over it. The Church is always and has always been about absolute control over your thoughts. That is the entire premise of the religion (and any other religion, for that matter). The whole reason they organized the damned religion was so they could control it, and the people they duped into believing their crap. You need to wake up to the fact that organized religion is a scam, a con, a money sucking machine whose goal is power over you. They are trying to rent out space in your head and you are just letting them move in.

If you are a Catholic, then you need to shut up, quit whining, and listen to what your pope says. He’s your God’s representative on Earth, so obey and quit trying to think your way out of it. They have people to do the thinking for you, and the pope gets to pick who does the thinking. You can’t cherry pick what you want to believe out of Catholic Doctrine! This isn’t some neo-Pagan hippy belief where you get to choose what you want and melt it down into your own little one person belief system.

You need to suck it up and decide. Are you a Catholic or are you a heretic? If you’re a Catholic, then shut up, stop thinking and damn well obey your pope. If you’re a heretic, then cut that poxy doctrine out of your mind and your life and get on with living.


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