Morgan’s big toe

Morgan came home the other day with a band-aid on his big toe. We took a look at it and concluded that he had stubbed it pretty hard. The next day, he was touching it and it started to bleed. It was looking pretty bad. We’ve been taking care of it every morning, pouring hydrogen peroxide on it and putting a bandaid on it.

Today, Morgan sat down on our bed while I was cooking dinner and asked me for help. I went over to see what was wrong. He was asking for help so I sat down next to him and asked him what was wrong. That’s when he pulled up his foot and started pulling on his toenail, lifting it up off his toe.

This was when I got what I call “the groin willies”. I lost it and told him to stop it immediately. I then started running around in our bathroom picking out hydrogen peroxide, bandaids, q-tips, and such. All the while I’m yelling at him not to touch it and why the hell did he touch it, etc. Finally Ash came in a took charge of the situation. She put ointment on it and a bandaid to keep him from pulling on it.

God, that just freaked me out!

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  1. It would have freaked me out too, but a couple of years before Morgan came a long a bureau I was moving ran over my left big toe ripping the whole nail almost off the toe. Ouch! The nail subsequently fell off, and thankfully grew back later. So, needless to say, I have some experience with nails coming off toes because of trauma.

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