Another day, another couple of dollars

Well, I’m still excited about Tiger. I keep going to Apple’s web site to stare at it and drool in anticipation. Why? Because, as my wife says, I’m a software dilettante. I love trying out new programs. I’ve tried out 5 different mail clients, and bought two of them (the others were free). I’ve tried countless web browsers. I’ve tried out lots of different text editors, graphics programs, office productivity software. The list goes on.

So my wife calls me a software dilettante and she laughs at me. But…all the good software she uses is because I tried it and let her know about it.

Morgan’s teacher asked for some photos of our cats to use in a book she’s putting together for him. We don’t have a digital camera, though, so it’s going to be inconvenient. Its strange that it isn’t any more inconvenient than before. Since we’ve never used a digital camera, why do I think its inconvenient? Its the same way I’ve always done it. Take the film to a developer, get it developed.

We were seriously thinking about getting a digital camera, though. Ash was looking online for a good one, but couldn’t find one she liked for a reasonable price. Give it five years and we’ll get the one we want. Of course, in five years I’ll probably be rich and able to afford a top of the line model.

So, we have to take some pictures of the cats and get them to the school soon.

Also, we talked to the teachers at Hightower and we’re going to head over for a visit this week or next week, probably on a Friday. I’m looking forward to meeting them and getting Morgan used to the idea of a new school.

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