Morgan, Morgan, Morgan

This is the kind of shit I worry about late at night when I have time to think. I need to stop thinking so much.

Mogan’s school year is almost done, and next year he’s going into first grade at a new school. Only twelve more years of this and he’ll be an adult. So what then?

He’s going to be teased in school, he’s going to be bullied. Kids can be cruel and I can’t be with him all the time. Morgan is kind and friendly and likes to be around people. Anyone with a malicious streak could take advantage of that. Right now, he enjoys going to school. I don’t want him to start dreading school because of the people he knows will bully or tease him.

Then I see things like Generation Rescue and think maybe there’s something I can do about it. Maybe he can be cured and be “normal”, but would his personality change? Would he stop being the child Ash and I love so much? But wait, are they even right about it? I’ve also heard that their conclusions are junk science and it doesn’t work.

What’s going to happen when Morgan grows up? Is he going to be able to take care of himself? Will he be alright on his own or will someone need to be with him all the time? What about when Ash and I are gone?

Anyway, this is what I drive myself crazy worrying about.

Another crappy day

Another day for me to feel sick. I thought I was feeling ok last night, but for some reason I get bad in the morning. I woke up this morning and I knew I would have to stay home today. I was just too sick. I’m coughing like a bastard and I’m nauseated like hell. I’m sweating like hell. I think my fever is breaking, so my clothes should be soaked in sweat sometime this morning. I hope it happens soon, so I can get back to work. I had sitting around at home when there are things to be done.

At least I have my voice back, mostly. I can talk for a few minutes, then it starts to go again. Some might think that was a good thing. To them I say, “UP YOURS!”