I was on a roll.

This afternoon, Morgan was playing with his toy cars, re-creating the traffic jams and car wrecks that show up on the traffic report here in Dallas (more on that later). I noticed that Gus (our cat) was playing with one of his toys.


He obliviously plays with his matchbox cars.

“MORGAN!” This time in a squeaky voice because I’m sick and my voice is gone.

No result.

“Morgan, I’m talking to you! Look at me!”

Finally, he looks at me.

“Take your toy into your room. Take it away from Gus.”

Well, now he sees his toy is in jeopardy, he moves swiftly to take it away from Gus, depositing it in his room. On his way back, I figure I’ll give something a try.

“Morgan, take care of your bowl.”

This is the remains of a bowl of applesauce he just had. One of his favorites. Amazing! He takes the bowl from the table and puts it in the kitchen next to the sink. I figure I’m on a roll now. Let’s see how far I can take this.

“Morgan, pick up your toys.”

Back to playing with the cars.

“Uh-oh! Cars broken!” he says.

And there he is, setting up little dioramas of his matchbox cars in wreck positions. One car is halfway under an 18-wheeler. Another is on its side. A third is overturned. The rest are lined up in four rows, just like on the highway on TV.


God I love this boy.