Last week was a very strange turn of fate. Last Sunday, Morgan was climbing up on the entertainment center to see what was on top of it. As he was getting down, he accidentally turned on the TV. We have satellite TV, so it was set to channel 4. What was on? Nascar racing. Well, this just grabbed his attention. He immediately sat down and started watching. Now, if you haven’t watched Nascar in a while (or ever, like me) they now have cameras in all the cars, looking forward and behind the cars as they race.

This is what made Morgan’s day. He loves to take his little cars, hold them up to his eye, and imagine that he’s driving the car. The camera view must be just what he imagines when he’s playing with the cars, because he sat still and just watched for a half hour. For the rest of the time, he kept coming back, sitting down right in front of the TV, and sitting for 10 minutes or so, mesmerized.

Now, he’s asking for racing cars on TV all the time. He doesn’t understand that they are only on once a week. Well, now I have to go look up the Nascar schedule so we can watch. You see, as a parent, whenever Morgan shows an active interest in it, I will exploit that interest until it screams for mercy.

“You want to see the racing cars? Pick up your toys”

“Clean your room if you want to see the racing cars.”

And so on.

Morgan’s new school

We found out today that Morgan will be going to a new school next school year. The school district has decided to move all the K-2nd grade children to a different school, and the 3-5th grade children to yet another school. Morgan’s teachers are apparently going to get the really bad cases to work with. They told me that only one of their current students will be staying. They will lose all their other students. Morgan’s teacher said she was very sad to be losing them.

Naturally, this sucks. Morgan loves his school, he loves his teachers and he loves the coach and PE. I’m not happy about it, and Ash is really pissed off. I’m resigned to it, however, while Ash isn’t and probably won’t be for a while.

We’re going to schedule a visit to see what the new school is like, meet the teachers, and perhaps have them meet Morgan. I think we get to visit the school the day before classes start.