My new goal

My newest goal is to learn AppleScript. I have a little manual called AppleScript for Absolute Beginners. I’ve been going through it and learning the basics. Right now I’m starting on defining lists. I see AppleScript as a gateway drug to Python or Perl, and then eventually to C or C++ or even Java, perhaps.

What I’d really like to learn is LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP or Perl). That is a nice skill set that will really help me in my job.

My goal is to write scripts to parse out the data we get from customers at work into an easy to import format. We put their data into our databases, and I want to make it simple and no brainerish to get their information into our system.

The amazing Morgan

I’ve discovered that Morgan has the amazing ability to gag and almost vomit whenever he doesn’t want to take his medicine. Now, Morgan has a couple of medicines he has to take. First, he takes his morning and evening pill to calm down his meltdowns. He doesn’t really have a problem with them. We’ve been putting them into a mini peanut butter cup for a while and he has no problem eating them.

Before the mini peanut butter cups, we put them into peanut butter sandwiches, or his trademarked sausage sandwiches, a sausage patty on toast with a slice of american cheese (he’ll ask for them by name). You can use a knife to cut a small slit into the sausage patty and push a small pill into the slit. Works like a charm. We have to cut the sandwiches into quarters, (squares, not triangles!). One thing we noticed early on is that he will always eat the top left quarter of the sandwich first. Guess where the pill goes.

More recently, his pediatrician prescribed Claritin. He’s been stuffed up lately and has adenoid problems. She said the Claritin may help with the adenoids, and if he has allergies, it may help with that too. Claritin doesn’t work for everyone, so we’ll assess if it is working in a week or two. She also prescribed Flonase. This is a nasal spray that helps with allergies. I’ve been taking it forever and it works. Morgan doesn’t want anything to do with it. The first day we gave him some, he vomited. The second morning I gave him some before school, he vomited. The third morning, he started gagging when he saw the spray bottle. I decided to discontinue it that morning.

On Wednesday night, Morgan had a cold. He was coughing pretty bad, so we kept him out of school on Thursday and Friday. We have these thin strips for coughs and colds. We didn’t get them to put on his tongue, of course, since he’d just vomit when he tasted them. Instead, we are sneaky parents and we put them in his sandwiches, or stuff them into a peanut butter cup. We can’t use the peanut butter cup, because he’s wise to that now. He always inspects them to make sure there are only pills in them. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are still good. The jelly masks the flavor. Ash thought of putting them in his applesauce and mixing it up so it dissolves and he can’t taste it. I haven’t tried that yet, but you know I will soon.

He reminds me of me when I was little. My thing wasn’t medicine, but vegetables, though. Ask my parents about their attempts to get me to eat veggies. Ha! I laugh at their feeble attempts. Poor Morgan has to deal with my sneaky ass, though. Because of my history of avoiding veggies, I’m always seven or eight steps ahead of him, poor bastard.

Which is better?

A shower in the morning or one in the evening. This is something I’ve wrestled with for a while, trying to figure out which I prefer. Both have their good points.

Morning showers wake you up. If you’re asleep, a good morning shower will wake you up like nothing else. You are clean starting in the morning. You walk out the door freshly showered and clean.

Evening showers are leisurely. No rush to get it done and get out the door on time. I have a son I have to get off to school, so this is a definite advantage. Mornings can be less rushed or you can get up 20 minutes later.

Up to now, I’ve been taking my showers in the morning. I think I’ll give it a try in the evening for a while and see how that works out.

Those smart bacteria

I recently read somewhere that bacteria are the most common form of life, and that when you look for life anywhere, you should first look for bacteria. They are also the most successful form of life, the most diverse, etc. I read in the same place that higher forms of life were short lived abberations in the scheme of things, when compared to the bacteria. I couldn’t help thinking about the symbiosis between people and their bacteria. This led to the question of who evolved to serve who? Is our reason for existence to provide a nice home for our bacteria?

Well, I thought it was an interesting question.