Saturdays I live for

This morning was great. There are rare Saturdays when I get up before Ash and Morgan. For that brief time, I have the morning to myself, everything is quiet and I can just sit and think if I want. I can read, watch TV, play on my iBook, whatever I want. When Morgan gets up, that’s when my weekend is over. Welcome to the world of having children, I know.

Morgan is sick, poor guy!

He started getting sick on Wednesday afternoon. Runny nose and a loud cough that sounded pretty bad. I kept him home on Thursday and Friday to give him a chance to get better. Ash called to bitch me out for taking my laptop in to work instead of leaving it home for Morgan to keep himself amused (and not use her computer!). It just totally slipped my mind.

When Morgan gets sick, there are two ways it plays out. The first way, he’s really sick and can’t even muster the energy to get out of bed. These are the times when I feel really sorry for him. He’s lethargic and tired and just a sad sight to behold. The second way, he’s sick, coughing, conjested, runny nose, but otherwise full of energy. He wanders around the apartment, coughing over everything and chasing the cats around.

As you can probably guess, there are advantages and disadvantages to both ways. If its the first way, you get a break. You only have to look in on him and keep him in water and food. Mostly he just lays in bed and feels sick. The other way, he’s not so bad and you don’t feel really bad for him.

For this little bout, I’m hoping he gets better before Monday. He has a field trip and I want him to go. This is a type two sickness. He’s up and about and causing me headaches, bless the little tyke.

My shoulder hurted

Looks like I’m finally getting over a shoulder injury. Right at my shoulder blade. I wasn’t doing anything special, but it just started hurting, like a charleyhorse. Ouch!

Fortunately, my wonderful and caring wife rubbed it down with Ben Gay for a week and found our heating pad. I smelled bad from the Ben Gay, but it sure did help. Now I’m feeling much better. It does twinge sometimes at work, or at home when there are chores to be done.