Morgan’s big toe

Morgan came home the other day with a band-aid on his big toe. We took a look at it and concluded that he had stubbed it pretty hard. The next day, he was touching it and it started to bleed. It was looking pretty bad. We’ve been taking care of it every morning, pouring hydrogen peroxide on it and putting a bandaid on it.

Today, Morgan sat down on our bed while I was cooking dinner and asked me for help. I went over to see what was wrong. He was asking for help so I sat down next to him and asked him what was wrong. That’s when he pulled up his foot and started pulling on his toenail, lifting it up off his toe.

This was when I got what I call “the groin willies”. I lost it and told him to stop it immediately. I then started running around in our bathroom picking out hydrogen peroxide, bandaids, q-tips, and such. All the while I’m yelling at him not to touch it and why the hell did he touch it, etc. Finally Ash came in a took charge of the situation. She put ointment on it and a bandaid to keep him from pulling on it.

God, that just freaked me out!

Software rant

It’s a little late, but now that Tiger is coming out for the Mac, I thought I’d share my thoughts about some of the improvements.

Dashboard Dashboard is a good example. Here’s an awesome desktop application that lets you run little programs to give you information. Could I write or load up some other applications to do this? Yes. But, this makes it easy for me. Even nicer, is that like the current Expose feature, I just hit a key to make them all appear or disappear. I seriously doubt anyone at Microsoft would even have thought of this.

Making it easy is what makes an operating system work. I don’t want to configure or tweak my computer anymore. I just want to turn the thing on and have it work. That is what I love about the Mac. It just works. Funny thing is, I just read that Microsoft is stealing that phrase for Longhorn.

Automator Here’s another example of what I’m talking about. The automator for Mac is going to allow people to do repetive tasks easily. Kind of like scripting something, but without needing to learn scripting. My take is that if you learn to do this, you have learned scripting. Everyone, in my opinion, who uses a computer should know how to script it. They should know how to get it to do things for them without manually having to go through all the steps. Do I? No! But I realize that I should know. I should be able to AppleScript or write up a Python or Perl script to do what I want. At the very least, it would help me in my job to know this. I can think of several things that would save me loads of time if I learned to automate them. Now I can probably do some of those things using Automator. I’ll have to figure out if I can, but I don’t see why not.

Make it easy for me, don’t make me go into a bunch of preference or configuration files to tweak everything. I’m not a Linux or Windows user who likes to tweak the hell out of my computer to get it to run “just so”. I want it to work “just so” already.

Another day, another couple of dollars

Well, I’m still excited about Tiger. I keep going to Apple’s web site to stare at it and drool in anticipation. Why? Because, as my wife says, I’m a software dilettante. I love trying out new programs. I’ve tried out 5 different mail clients, and bought two of them (the others were free). I’ve tried countless web browsers. I’ve tried out lots of different text editors, graphics programs, office productivity software. The list goes on.

So my wife calls me a software dilettante and she laughs at me. But…all the good software she uses is because I tried it and let her know about it.

Morgan’s teacher asked for some photos of our cats to use in a book she’s putting together for him. We don’t have a digital camera, though, so it’s going to be inconvenient. Its strange that it isn’t any more inconvenient than before. Since we’ve never used a digital camera, why do I think its inconvenient? Its the same way I’ve always done it. Take the film to a developer, get it developed.

We were seriously thinking about getting a digital camera, though. Ash was looking online for a good one, but couldn’t find one she liked for a reasonable price. Give it five years and we’ll get the one we want. Of course, in five years I’ll probably be rich and able to afford a top of the line model.

So, we have to take some pictures of the cats and get them to the school soon.

Also, we talked to the teachers at Hightower and we’re going to head over for a visit this week or next week, probably on a Friday. I’m looking forward to meeting them and getting Morgan used to the idea of a new school.

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan

This is the kind of shit I worry about late at night when I have time to think. I need to stop thinking so much.

Mogan’s school year is almost done, and next year he’s going into first grade at a new school. Only twelve more years of this and he’ll be an adult. So what then?

He’s going to be teased in school, he’s going to be bullied. Kids can be cruel and I can’t be with him all the time. Morgan is kind and friendly and likes to be around people. Anyone with a malicious streak could take advantage of that. Right now, he enjoys going to school. I don’t want him to start dreading school because of the people he knows will bully or tease him.

Then I see things like Generation Rescue and think maybe there’s something I can do about it. Maybe he can be cured and be “normal”, but would his personality change? Would he stop being the child Ash and I love so much? But wait, are they even right about it? I’ve also heard that their conclusions are junk science and it doesn’t work.

What’s going to happen when Morgan grows up? Is he going to be able to take care of himself? Will he be alright on his own or will someone need to be with him all the time? What about when Ash and I are gone?

Anyway, this is what I drive myself crazy worrying about.

Another crappy day

Another day for me to feel sick. I thought I was feeling ok last night, but for some reason I get bad in the morning. I woke up this morning and I knew I would have to stay home today. I was just too sick. I’m coughing like a bastard and I’m nauseated like hell. I’m sweating like hell. I think my fever is breaking, so my clothes should be soaked in sweat sometime this morning. I hope it happens soon, so I can get back to work. I had sitting around at home when there are things to be done.

At least I have my voice back, mostly. I can talk for a few minutes, then it starts to go again. Some might think that was a good thing. To them I say, “UP YOURS!”