I hate Windows!

Yet another reason for me to hate Windows. Bill, what the hell were you thinking!? I brought my work laptop (a Dell) home yesterday. We have a Samsung multifunction printer (SCX-4016 for those who care). It’s a laser printer (black and white only), a photocopier and a scanner. We only found out after we bought it that the it won’t scan on a Mac. Doesn’t Samsung have any programmers who can write Mac software? Can’t they just hire someone to convert or write the code? Anyway, I installed the scanner software and connected to the scanner. It worked ok. I scanned in Morgan’s school picture, which came out huge on the screen. I forgot that scans always look as big as a poster sized photo after you scan them.

After I got the scan, I tried to hook up to our remote hard drive. No luck. Meanwhile, I’m trying to download pictures off Anne’s PDA onto my laptop. No can do. The only thing that will work is an InfraRed synch, and those are painfully slow if you haven’t tried them. Long story short, I wound up staying awake until midnight trying to get that damned thing to work. It was still synching, so I decided to go to bed and Anne promised to take care of turning off the computer and such when it finally finished.

Today at work, I look at the photo’s we got from the PDA, and they suck. If I didn’t already know they were pictures of a cat, I would not have know what the hell they were. Did I mention I hate Windows? This stuff should just work. It shouldn’t be such a hassle. I wish I could take my iBook in and use it instead. I can be on this thing all day and I never get tired of looking at the screen or whatnot.

Tried to scan and save my son’s school picture. Tried to sync my wife’s Palm to get the pictures off her PDA and onto my (work) computer. God! What a hassle!

Space helmet of Doooooooom!

Morgan’s space helmet came on Monday while I was at work. Anne called me to let me know he got it and how much he loved it. He should, since he’s been talking about it since forever. Christ, he wouldn’t shut up about it! Anne said he just put it in front of him and smiled for the longest time. As soon as I saw him this morning, he tried to get me to put it on. He doesn’t want to wear it all the time, he just carries it around or puts it down, looks at it and says “It’s a space helmet!”

He freaking loves it!

Terry Schiavo

First off, I know that nobody who counts gives a damn what I think about this. Nobody being the judge, family members and lawyers. Tough. I write this for me, not for whether other people give a damn about what I write.

In the highly unlikely hypothetical situation in which my opinion was actually solicited. There are several pieces of information I would need before I made a decision on Terry Shiavo.

First, I’d have to go see her myself.

Second, I’d talk to the relatives involved.

Third, I’d talk to the nurses who actually take care of her.

Any decisions or public documents I can read myself, as can anyone else who claims to care about the decision. Most won’t read the court documents, however, because that would be too much effort. Hell, it’s too much effort for me. I don’t really care what the decision is, since I have no standing in this case, nor am I related to anyone involved. Furthermore, there are no issues of pressing concern to me, since living wills would have solved this problem nicely and Terry didn’t have one.

Interesting how the Republicans can talk about being for life when they support the death penalty. Don’t get me wrong. I dislike Republican and Democrat position with equal disgust.

So, I guess it boils down to the fact that it’s none of my damn business and for me to spout off on this subject like I know anything about it is an insult to the people who are actually hip deep in trying to figure it out.

New Tires

Today I’m getting two new tires for the family car. I’m sitting in the NTB waiting room right now as MSNBC talking heads go at it over our Middle East policy. They just got done talking about Terry Schiavo. They even interviewed a blogger about what the opinions in the blogosphere are all about. I was interested to hear that they are interviewing bloggers on MSNBC now. It seems interesting that they are interviewing bloggers about other blogs instead of reading the blogs themselves. Maybe they feel they need an expert.

Watching MSNBC also answered another question I never asked, namely “What’s Ron Reagan doing now?” He’s one of the hosts of Coast To Coast now, I guess. Since I never watch that show, being at work when it airs, I didn’t know he was involved in the media.

I’m waiting for the car to be finished and for the bill. I’m hoping it won’t cost more than $150 or so, but we’ll see. Once I get the new tires, I’m going to get the car inspected tomorrow. That’s a whole ‘nother rant, though. All about taxes and registrations and the US Constitution, etc.

No wireless connection here, so that sucks. I’m just writing this up and will post it this evening.

Final bill: $133.

Sorry, not today.

Today is Sunday, and usually I take Morgan to Inflatable Insanity. This has been a day for doing nothing, though. I’m putting off getting two new tires for my car until tomorrow as well. I don’t know, but I just didn’t feel like going out at all today. I was just too tired.

Applesauce, Applesauce…

Morgan’s teachers created a little book called Astronaut, Astronaut to help him with his reading. It has a bunch of sentences that start with “Astronaut, astronaut, what do you see? I see a [whatever] looking at me.” He reads it at kindergarden.

This morning, he wanted some applesauce (one of this favorite things), and he asked me by saying “Applesauce, applesauce, what do you see? I see applesauce looking at me.” He’s so damned cute!

The Magic Room

Morgan’s magic room is the spare bedroom in our apartment. We keep all our old crap and empty boxes in that room. I have to clear it out one of these days. For Morgan, it’s a magical room full of cool stuff. When he looks at a toy catalog, he assumes that it is just showing all the things he can get out of the Magic Room. When he sees something he likes, he shows it to me and asks me to get it out of the room.

I tell him it isn’t in the room, but he doesn’t believe me. Sometimes I even let him go in, but he still doesn’t believe me. The room is special. Once I clear it out, we’ll see if he believes me. The question is, do I really want to burst his bubble.